Download at the app store and start using CustomStay today! 

If your host loves to give you more value they will already have CustomStay available today.  If they don't let them know about it!

CustomStay allows you to tell your host exactly what you would like before you even arrive.  The host also has the opportunity to provide you more value during your travel for free and for a fee.  Everyone wins! 


It is so simple!  Just select the property or service you are using, choose your complimentary options, and also decide if you would like any of the paid upgrades.  Once your customized options are set just submit, your host will do the rest! 

Once you select the property you are staying at it will show you all the custom options that they offer.  You just simply click on the icon and choose your favorite.  If you have options pre-set then they will automatically populate for you. 

Available in the App Store

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