Why partner with Custom Stay? 

CustomStay allows you to easily know what your customers actually want in their travel experience.  You will be able to offer customized options to the travelers that make your hotel, house, car, and/or plane a much better experience and create more value than your competition.  Over the last decade with OTA's it has seemed price has been the only focus but the best in the hospitality industry know that truly great operators create more value for their customer.  This app makes it easy for you to do that.  Plus, it's FREE!

Create more value and more Revenue

While you will be able to offer free customizable options to the customer you will also have the opportunity to charge for services and products to customize their experience. 

Hotels:  Offer drinks, meals, special seating, snacks, and literally thousands of other options to the consumer to increase revenue. 

Airbnb:  In addition to offering free services Airbnb hosts could rent bikes, groceries, kayaks, video game devices, and whatever other creative options your area has.  If you are hosting in larger cities CustomStay will partner directly with grocery services and Amazon 2 hour delivery so your guests have everything they need at their fingertips. 

Uber:  increase your revenue by turning that $10 fair into $15 by offering to sell water, snacks, or whatever else you can think of. 

Airlines:  Know what your customers want before they even get on the plane. 

It's NOT an extra headache.  We integrate into your current PMS or you can utilize our free back-office software to make your operations easier!

CustomStay comes with powerful and easy to use back end software to make hotel and Airbnb operations easier with communication and data that can create more profits.  For the Airbnb host the CustomStay software can be tied in with your housekeeping services, it will keep track of when they check-in and check out, allow for pictures to help with maintenance or damage, and allow cleaning/maintenance services to keep in touch directly with the customer if you desire. 

For hotels, the software is an easy but powerful solution to track housekeeping performance, maintenance requests, and collect data on efficiencies that are compiled in easy to read graphs and charts.  Boutique and independent hotels can also communicate directly with the customer through the app and utilize the CustomStay platform to compete with the large brand loyalty apps. 


Please contact us today if you would like to see how CustomStay can improve operations, profits, and most importantly your customer's experience!

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